Artwork by Ian K. Millard
  Denver, Colorado (USA)

Denver, Colorado USA is the creation and inspiration of Denver, Colorado artist Ian K. Millard. The form of printmaking that Millard specializes in is a process of hand-cut stencils and layered spraypaint. This medium gives his work an urban appeal with a twist of originality. His pieces start off as an image that is broken down and cut into stencils by hand using an X-acto knife and a straight ruler, the stencils are layered in spraypaint one atop another to create the image. What makes Millard’s technique different than other printmakers is his ability to make each one unique; customers can often create their own piece by choosing the background or color scheme of the print, tailoring the piece to that individual. Millard strives to create one-of-a-kind pieces in limited numbered releases. All prints come signed, numbered, embossed with the logo and come with a hand-made Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Special care is given in the handling and shipping of each print.

In addition to commission work and creating his own art. He has shown his work in multiple cities including Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, Miami and Philadelphia; his work has spanned the globe to include shows in Japan and fans in Europe and Australia. Millard’s accomplishments include publication in a Japanese high fashion magazine, Cover, a TV spot on Fuel TV and as a highlighted artist on Mountain Dew’s “Dew Tour”. Check out some videos at

- Ian

updated May 28, 2011